Melkweg Expo 13:00 - 16:00

5 Days Off: Afternoon Sessions

Recover from the previous days with our Afternoon Sessions in Melkweg Expo with three upcoming Dutch beats and electronica producers FilosofischeStilte, Julien Mier and Robert Bergman. Lunch will be served!

14:00 Julien Mier
15:00 FilosofischeStilte
16:00 Robert Bergman

Line up


Luuk Graham aka Filosofische Stilte is a highly talented youngster from the Netherlands. His nickname (translated: Philosophical Silence) is rather accurate when listening to his music, which consists of multiple layers to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

Julien Mier

Julien is a young composer and producer from the Netherlands, known for his eclectic and washed out collision of musical genres. His signature is this width approach of fragmented melodies, packed in a palette of, sometimes almost waterfall kind of textures and dreamy, melancholic stories.

Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman has a stack of vinyls suitable for any occasion, 5 Days Off included. He is known for his original disco sounds, which will make you groovy beyond any doubt.

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