Melkweg Expo 20:00

Exhibition: Tu cherches un refuge dans l'alcool et les paillettes

Anne-Claire Lans graduated last February at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. She decided to create an analogue documentary-serie of her own generation, called generation Y, as her final project. She discovered loneliness among her peers, a loneliness she could relate to, so she started this journey to identify the loneliness.

During several months she followed 4 persons of generation Y at parties and at home to get a clear view on their daily struggles. Lans was always in search of these rare moments when her subjects let down their guard and showed their true faces in order for her to document their highs and lows. Lans created a photobook where not only pictures are showed but personal quotes of her subject as well, both live and on social media.

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