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5 Days Off Concert Afterparty: Oceaán / Vic Crezée / Mairo Nawaz

After FKA Twigs’ concert the night will continue in the Kleine Zaal with Oceaán performing live and DJ's Vic Crezée and Mairo Nawaz. A night full of future soul, r&b, house, hiphop and more will keep you occupied to dance until the early hours. The mysterious British producer Oceaán will create the right atmosphere with his soulful and warm beats right from the start.

22:00 Mairo Nawaz
23:00 Oceaán
23:45 Vic Crezée

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Oceaán is an electronic neo-soul artist from Manchester. The mysterious British producer is known for its delicate and powerful constructed sets that will keep you guessing from start to finish.

Vic Crezée

His name is and his adventures are legendary. Coming up as a youngster in Amsterdam, he acquired the essentials of Hip-Hop mixing and scratching under the influence and tutelage of the city’s big boys. Wasting no time, he passionately studied the vinyl classics and established himself through radio airwaves and gigs such as Appelsap and Knockout.

Mairo Nawaz

Mairo Nawaz certainly is that new breed of young, talented and up-and-coming DJ from Amsterdam. While his career as a DJ is still in the springtime of its life, his portfolio certainly isn’t, with residencies at Bassline and BBQ, as well as spinning at Appelsap and playing at Lil' Wayne’s show at the Ziggo Dome.


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